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Residential Construction

Our specialty is new residential construction. We want to build your dream home!

18 Month Warranty

We only use the most talented subs for your project, which is why our warranty is longer than most. 

Cost Plus Pricing

The pricing model is simple, the cost of labor and materials plus our fee. You have access to all receipts. 

OKC Metro

Most of our projects are in the south metro however, we will build your dream home within 50 miles of OKC.

In House Designer

Not sure about all of your design ideas? We have an in house designer to help you find everything you want!


Weekly Quality Control Inspections

Each week, you will receive an email with our quality control report. We take quality seriously.  


Moisture is the Enemy

Effectively managing moisture matters at every level of your home. Our construction practices focus on moisture from the foundation to the roof ridge.


Indoor Air Quality

Dust, pollen, mold spores, and humidity can wreak havoc on allergies and overall health. Have a great HVAC system is only a small part of the equation. We make sure your home is protected and air tight. 


High Quality Construction Science

Sound construction science principals are our guide for creating a long-lasting, high-quality custom home. The foundation to which we approach any project is construction science and craftsmanship.

Building Better Homes

Bison Custom Construction is on the forefront of new, efficient, and green building science. Oklahoma has extreme climate variations and your home must be built to perform at peak efficiency no matter the exterior conditions.

 All of our homes feature top craftsmanship, the highest indoor air quality, and purpose built for longevity. We want to build your dream home that will last generations. 

Free Consultation

Over a Decade of Experience

“Home is a place inside made of unconditional love, comfort, and deep connection.” – Heather Zschock

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PO Box 6787, Moore, OK 73153